Gabriel Radzyminski

As the founder of Sandon Capital, Gabriel Radzyminski has been involved in the financial services sector for more than 12 years. He has significant investment experience across a range of asset classes.

Prior to founding Sandon Capital, Gabriel held portfolio and overall management responsibilities for Specialised Private Capital Ltd, a boutique funds management business which at the time had $150 million of funds under management.

Gabriel began his career working for First State Fund Managers (now Colonial First State). He worked as an investment analyst for Godfrey Pembroke, was co-head of research at Berkley Group, and prior to founding Sandon Capital, was Head of Private Capital at Centric Wealth. He was a director of Centric Wealth Ltd from 2005-2007, a director of Specialised Private Capital Ltd from 2005-2008, a director of Berkley Group Holdings Ltd and a director of Residential-Plus Growth Company Ltd from 2004-2008.

Gabriel is Chairman of Sandon Capital Investments Limited (ASX:SNC), is non-executive director of Mercantile Investment Company Limited (ASX:MVT) and is a non-executive director of Future Generation Investment Company Limited (ASX:FGX).  He is former Chairman of Armidale Investment Company Limited (ASX:AIK) and was a non-executive director of RHG Limited (ASX:RHG).

Gabriel has a BA(Hons) and MCom from the University of New South Wales.


Matthew Kidman

Matthew Kidman worked as a portfolio manager at Wilson Asset Management (International) Pty Limited for 13 years between 1998 and 2011. Prior to joining Wilson Asset Management, Matthew worked as a finance journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald between the years 1994 and 1998. In 1997 he was made business editor of the paper and was charged with the responsibility of company coverage. He has a degree in Law and Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance.

Matthew Kidman is currently Chairman of Watermark Market Neutral Fund. He is a Director of WAM Research Limited, WAM Active Limited, Incubator Capital Limited and financial planning group, Centrepoint Alliance Limited.  He is also a Director of the investment management company Boutique Asset Management Pty Limited.

Paul Jensen

Paul Jensen is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Commercial Law.  Paul has over 25 years of international experience in finance, investment management and banking, with specific expertise in strategy formation, governance and financial performance.  He has held senior executive positions with Clime Investment Management Limited, HFA Holdings Limited; Director, Lend Lease Corporate Services Limited, Travelex Limited and the Lloyds TSB banking group in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia.

Paul Jensen was a Director of RHG Limited and currently serves on the board of Future Generation Investment Company Limited (ASX:FGX).